How to sell to Millennials

Millennials are your next decade of customers.

We (Millennials) are different from baby boomers and Gen-X. We buy differently, we’re tech-savvy, we research heavily and we’re drastically changing the industry. Adapting to our needs is essential and different, but it is not difficult.

Marquee Tech:

 Today’s customers

Modern companies

What do we know about it?

We are Millennials

Marquee Tech was built by Millennials. We grew up on PlayStations, smartphones and Facebook. In 2019 we sold over £1m worth of marquee hire to Millennials via our other company We are Millennials, we sell to Millennials and we have built software for modern marquee companies so they can keep up with the changing business landscape.

What do Millennials want?

Please, don’t send us stock templates

We (Millennials) want choice, customisation and we want you to build us multiple quotes and floor plans. We want quotes and floor plans to be updated quickly and we want a bespoke service. 

We want you to sell to us in Real-time, not 2 days time.

We ❤️ Tech

Digital consumer generation

We (Millennials) love tech that works and makes life easy. We love Apple, YouTube, Google, Netflix and use companies that are known for their lighting fast and slick tech products. Have you ever built a CAD for a Millennial whilst chatting to them on WhatsApp? That’s what we love!

Quick and easy

Online, fast sales process

We (Millennials) love stress free, quick and easy shopping experiences. It’s not that we are lazy, or have a short attention span, it’s just we expect businesses to use Tech to improve their processes. Which is why we love 1 click buy on Amazon!

Research, research, research

We are a lot smarter than you think

We (Millennials) don’t like to be pushed. We can spot if something is real or fake from a mile off. We love to do lots of research before we are ready to buy. Want us to buy from you? Inform us with: images, reviews and videos.

Speed ⚡️

Stop dragging your heels

Want to know what we (Millennials) really love? Speed. Why does it take Marquee Companies so long to send us quotes and floor plans? We are used to Uber, Netflix, Just Eat, GoCompare and Airbnb doing things quickly.

Building 5 quotes and CADs in 5 minutes (on 4G hotspot)

Who are you calling a snowflake?

Please don’t underestimate us

The sad reality is we (Millennials) are stereotyped. Apparently we have short attention spans, we are glued to our phones, entitled and sensitive. The truth is, we do things differently to how you do them. We have high expectations and can you blame us? Nearly every industry has been improved by technology, why is the marquee and tent industry falling behind?
Millennials are the new generation that will make a huge impact in the industry and we will continue to do so for the next two decade. 

Marquee Tech helps you work and sell to Millennials.

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