Made for you, your customers & your accountant.

How to build an invoice

Build an invoice in seconds

Have a customer ready to book? All you need to do is click a button and the invoice is sent.

Easy booking process
The customer can now pay
Your client is automatically sent the booking details and can pay online or via BACS.
Built for your accountant
Your accountant will love this system.

Once a quote is turned into an invoice your accounting system is automatically updated. 

Stay modern
BACs & CASH are Dying
20 years ago it was cash and cheque. Then it was BACs. Now the modern customer wants to pay via Credit Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Why? Because it is easier, faster and safer.
Getting started is simple
How to set up online payments.
All you need to do is add your bank account number, sort code, companies house registration number and 1 x directors contact details.

The beauty of automation

What happens after the customer pays?

They are automatically emailed their receipt, you are notified about the payment, the invoice is marked as paid, the booking is automatically added to your calendar, the stock is taken out and a paid invoice is sent to your accountants’ system.

Future automation
What about the remaining balance?

Your new client is sent a payment reminder 1 x week prior to the due date and again on remaining balance due date. They are automatically sent the payment links and can pay via BAcs or online payment.

Keep on top of payments

Clear cash flow

An overview of all payments both past, present and future to help manage your company finances. 

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