Modern, easy-to-use marquee hire software

Before Marquee Tech, suppliers faced a problem, the existing software available was either too old-school for a modern company or not specific enough for the complex marquee industry. Marquee Tech has been built to be super simple to learn, easy to use and specific to our industry. 

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Same day set-up
Quick & simple from the start

All you need to do to get started is upload your pricing list via an Excel spreadsheet. If you need help, our customer support is free 😀

Customise your account
Easy to update
Once your account is created you can easily add, edit, update and delete your stock, photos & customers.
Master the software from the moment you login
Intuitive in nature

The UX has been designed to make the complex process of building quotes, creating floor plans, stock control, managing customers, sending invoices and so on … as easy & quick as possible.

Responsive, reliable software
An enjoyable interface

Designed to be a daily tool you love to use & can’t live without. The cloud-based software runs smoothly, isn’t confusing and won’t causes your computer to crash.

A team of experts ready to help
Free training and support

Benefit from free calls to our UK based customer support team. Watch & read our comprehensive collection of tutorial videos & blogs.

Get started with a free trial