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We are doing our bit to help companies facing economic hardship due to COVID-19. We have introduced “Honesty Pricing” to all new & existing customers plus a number of FREE tools you can use to help your business, including a FREE CAD system & a FREE Online Stocktake system. 

ROI Calculator

Calculating the ROI of Marquee Tech

This calculator simulates the potential return on investment that you could realise by using Marquee Tech.

Enter your current metrics to calculate potential results, then scroll down to view them.

How we created this ROI calculator
This calculator is based on real customer data. The potential results are based on the average results seen in tests used to measure the before and after effects of things like: follow-ups with leads automatically going to our calendar, the ability to sell in real-time to customers (over the phone, during site visits), the effect of closing down the time involved in the sales cycle, auto-generating floor plans, online invoices and increasing the average order value. The reliability of this data comes from spending over £50,000 on Google Ads to drive traffic to our website (Marquee Bookings), servicing over 5600 customers, testing new sales processes, improving internal software and creating new features to help sell to leads. We used our findings to build software that doesn’t just help run your company, it can be used as a sales tool to win more bookings & increase your yearly revenue.

Data driven

 Data sample of 5600 customers

 Over £50,000 spent on Google Ads

 Measuring before & after effects of software changes

 Designed to increase ROI

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Contracts roll on a month by month basis, unless a year long license has been purchased (the is a 1 year contract).
MTech is incredibility flexible. If you build price jobs on a case by case basis you can manually add a price for each hire item.
Yes, absolutely! Training and ongoing support is 100% free.

£25 p/Month if you aren’t VAT registered.

£50 p/Month is you are VAT registered.

£100 p/Month if you are a large company that needs multiple logins.

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