Our story

10+ years experience in the industry, from putting marquees up to building the worlds most powerful marquee specific software. This is why we can confidently say: “Software built by marquee experts for marquee experts.”

Built for:

 Today’s customers

Modern companies

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Our mission with Marquee Tech

Why we started Marquee Tech

Our two main goals with Marquee Tech are:

(1) Build a Tent Hire Specific Software that not only works but one which suppliers love to use & can’t live without.

(2) Bring the old-school industry into the 21st century by building modern & beautiful looking tech which the online generation (your customers) love!

Before we built Marquee Tech…

How Marquee Tech started

We put up marquees & we started a company called Marquee Bookings

We put up marquees for years in Devon and then created MarqueeBookings.co.uk, a website for (UK) marquee suppliers to get additional bookings. In busy months our team were dealing with 1000+ enquiries. In Jan-Sept 2019 we secured over £1,000,000 in bookings for the suppliers on the platform. The unique service meant we spoke to suppliers & customers on a daily basis, we learnt what they both hated about the industry and the software we needed to build to fix the problems they both faced.

£1m million in sales


This taught us a lot about Marquee Companies 

What we learnt from Marquee Bookings

Marquee suppliers

The experience showed us suppliers were fed up of old-school software & slow in-house-processes. The industry was desperate for a marquee specific, modern software that not only helps run their business more efficiently, but provides them with the tools needed to bring their company into the 21st century.

But we learnt even more about your customers

What we learnt from Marquee Bookings

Marquee customers

Modern customers are fed up of waiting days to receive ugly pdf quotes, they’re fed up of waiting weeks for updates & floor plans. 

In-house-processes or existing software are too old-school for the online generation who expect a fast, bespoke & online service. The industry is changing, you need to change with it. 

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