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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to build a floor plan?

As shown in the video above, it is incredibly easy. In fact, we guarantee you will be able to build accurate CADs within the first 5 minutes of using Marquee Tech. 

Can you move items around the floor plan?

Yes you can move items into any position in the CAD. You can also change the size of objects in the CAD.

Can you build multiple CADs for one customer?

Yes, you can build an unlimited number of CADs for your clients. 

Can you delete products from the floor plans?

Yes, you can delete and add products to the CAD.

Can I add my own designs into the floor plan?

If you have your own designs that you would like to upload, you just need to send us an SVG file with the dimensions of the product. 

Can you change a floor plan after you save it?

Yes, after saving a CAD click “launch” on the existing CAD instead of creating a new CAD.

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