A digital marketing strategy that guarantees results. 


£1million in sales


Over £1m in sales for marquee companies


We’ve generated over £1m in sales for marquee companies in the UK via our sister company MarqueeBookings.co.uk

£38,349The highest additional revenue generated by a single supplier on Marquee Bookings
£31,042The average additional revenue generated by the top 10% of suppliers on Marquee Bookings
£19,525The average additional revenue generated by the top 30% of suppliers on Marquee Bookings
£9275The average additional revenue generated by all suppliers on Marquee Bookings

£50k spend on Google Ads


We know how to use Google Ads

We have invested over £50,000 to fine-tune & optimise the complicated machine that is “Google Ads”. You’ll benefit from target campaigns guaranteed to generate traffic, enquiries and sales. For more information please read this very in-depth blog post – link here.

Lead Generation

Websites that convert traffic

MarqueeBookings.co.uk and our partner sites are purpose-built, lead generation machines. We use Google Ads to drive traffic and Marquee Bookings to turn that traffic into leads for you. 

Selling in Real Time


A new way to sell

Marquee Tech is the selling system that allows you to sell in real-time with the client at the point at which they enquire. Build perfect quotes and floor plans with a client in real-time and generate a massive advantage over your competition. 

Extremely limited


The growth package is not for everyone

The growth package is only open to a handful of companies per county. This is to ensure the marquee companies on the growth package get the maximum possible ROI. We do not send a lead to 50+ marquee companies at a time. 

Marquee Company Approved


The system is already working


Marquee companies know us and love working with us. We get results and sales. Grant from Inspired Event Structures was so happy with us he brought us 2 x whiskey bottles! 



The greatest ROI you can achieve

With the average marquee being booked for £3500, by just achieving 1 x booking a month you will have seen an ROI of 1,066% (2 x bookings are 2233% and 3 is 3250​%). 

Where else can you generate that level of ROI, in 1 month? 

Growth Package

Boost your bottom line 🚀

For the supplier that wants to boost there bottom line to new heights. Receive hundreds of qualified leads direct from Marquee Bookings, commission free.

Your own digital marketing super system, which works day and night to find you new business to boost your bottom line. 



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