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FREE: Online Stocktake Forms

Use this downtime to complete an up-to-date stock check. Easily add products, QTYs and prices. Edit the forms from any device at any time.
✅ Works with all marquee & tent types

Complete an accurate stocktake in 1 hour

You are probably not an excel wizard and you probably can’t resight every item of stock from the top of your head, plus stock checking can take weeks! Well, we’ve made it super easy & quick for you! Our stocktake forms are prefilled with all the products and components your business owns and adding data couldn’t be faster. All the complicated formulas, charts and analytics are hardcoded into the stock take forms. All you need to do is add your data.

 Access from any device

 Auto save as you work

 Access for multiple users

Video tutorials to help you

Fast data entry

Includes all hire products + components

Easy to customise

Everything you need to complete an accurate Stocktake

Including analytics & reports


  • Pricing for all marquee & tent types
  • Components for all marquee & tent types
  • Components for products (including half and full edges for dance floor)
  • Stock check for all hire products (tables, chairs, bars, lighting etc etc)
  • Full video documentation on how to use the stock check forms
  • Add purchase price of all hire items to calculate the monetary value of your hire products
  • Stock reporting & analytics
Why complete a stocktake?
A stock check is the process of counting and recording the amount and value of stock a business holds. It is important to know how much of your cash is tied up in stock and to have a solid idea of when to order/replace/hire-in new stock items.
Why is now a good time to complete a stock check?
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic directors have more free time. Use this time to complete a stock take and get ready for the future busy months.
How long does the stocktake to complete?
We have purpose-built event tent hire stocktake forms that are extremely easy to fill in. All products and components are prefilled into the stock take forms, all you need to do is add QTYs and prices.
Can I complete the stocktake in stages?
Yes. The stocktake forms are cloud-based, they autosave as you input data and can be accessed from any device. This means you could start today on your office PC and finish tomorrow on your home Ipad.
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The same stocktake forms helped us immensely when we ran a marquee company, we wanted to share it with other suppliers so the tool can help them as well!

We ask for your information for a few reasons, the first is so we can send the forms to you, the second reason is so we contact you if have any questions about how to use the forms and thirdly so we can send information of value via email that we think may be of interest to you.

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