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We are doing our bit to help companies facing economic hardship due to COVID-19. We have introduced “Honesty Pricing” to all new & existing customers plus a number of FREE tools you can use to help your business, including a FREE CAD system & a FREE Online Stocktake system. 


Features to help run your business

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CADs & Floor Plans

Autogenerate beautiful CADS for your clients. 

Auto CAD
An auto-generated CAD Floor Plan is created each time you build a quote.
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Complex CADS
Easily create complicated CADS for builds that require multiple tents.
Upload CADs

Upload your own custom made CAD drawings directly onto quotes.

Create bespoke quotes in seconds

The easy-to-use quote building process allows you to build even the most complicated, multi-tent jobs in minutes (not hours).

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Images & videos

Improve your sales conversion with online quotes that automatically showcase your photos, videos and reviews.

Quote layout

Change the layout of your quotes in seconds using our one-click drag and drop layout modifier.

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Real-time quotes

Beat your competition by updating quotes with clients over the phone or during a site visit.

Personalised quotes

Easily change product names, descriptions, QTYs and prices for each client. 

Build quotes & CADs in minutes
It doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming to build quotes and CADs for your clients – It’s easy.

Building 5 quotes &
5 CADs in 5 mins

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Using 4G & Hotspot

Easily manage your customers

A cloud-based CRM system that enables you to easily manage your leads, sell to your customers and manage your workflow. Your data is backed up and stored securely on the cloud.


Cloud based
Finding your customers is easy. Type a customer name or email into the search bar to view all of their quotes, payments, contact details and more. Do this on your mobile, tablet, Apple or PC.
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Creating tasks & follow-up actions
Help your team follow-up with customers & win bookings quicker by creating unique tasks for all of your customers.
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Simple logistics

Easily manage the logistics of each event. Plan ahead by adding set-up & take-down dates, allocating staff and vehicles, uploading site notes, images and auto-generated load lists.

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Stock reporting, structural components and load lists

Never face a stock issue again thanks to the worlds most sophisticated stock management system purposely designed for the event tent industry.


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Create your account in seconds by uploading all of your stock, tents, components, QTYs & prices
Our data uploader allows lets you upload thousands of stock items in a matter of seconds. Watch the video above – or Click here
Easily configure your tents and products with the correct components
Allocate components to both products and tents to ensure accurate stock reporting & complete load lists.

Load lists & reporting

Auto-generated load lists

The components that have been configured to each marquee & product will automatically populate into a complete load list. Helping you reduce human error whilst saving hours of work.

Stock reporting

Generate reports on all your stock items (including components). View stock issue alerts whilst building quotes and before sending invoices.

Create and send invoices with the touch of a button

The one-click invoicing system allows you to easily send invoices and quickly win bookings.
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Getting paid just got a whole lot faster.

Our online payment system provides a modern, fast and secure way for your customer to book.


Enjoy more free time by automating manual processes and daily tasks.

Payment automation

After payment; stock is managed, the booking is added to your calendar, the customer is emailed a receipt and the second invoice is scheduled to be sent on it’s due date.

Stock management

Stock is automatically managed each time a quote is built and a booking is confirmed.

Sales automation

The online quotes allow all your customers to automatically follow-up with themselves, organise a site visit, request to book and pay online.

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