Customer Relationship Management

The cloud based CRM system that enables you to easily manage your leads, sell to your customers and manage your workflow.

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Never lose important info
Store your customers in a safe place

Your data is backed up every 15 minutes and stored forever on the cloud. Never lose customers, suppliers or partners details again.

Respond fast
Find customers & events in seconds

Finding your customers is really easy. Simply use the search bar to find them, even if they enquired years ago!

Manage your leads more effectively
Creating tasks & follow ups

Create unique tasks for each customer to help you & your team best follow up with leads.

Plan your week
Event job sheets

Easily manage the logistics of each event. Find directions to the site, notes about the customer, photos of the site, load lists and allocate staff & vehicles to the booking.

Schedule your weeks
Set up & take down times
Plan ahead by choosing set up & take down times for each booking. The dates are automatically sent to your calendar so you can easily plan your weekly, monthly & yearly schedule.
Manage your staff & vehicles
Staff & Vehicles

Allocate your staff & vehicles to each event so you can easily plan your week and see if you have the manpower to take on extra bookings.

Get started with a free trial