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Marquee Tech Honesty Pricing

Times are tough. All businesses in our industry, both small & large are struggling.

The Coronavirus crisis is causing unprecedented social and economic damage on a global scale. It is now looking like summer 2020 will be in a state of lockdown which will prevent all mass gatherings, weddings, festivals & events.

The financial impact this has on our industry is serious. Companies that have invested years of hard work and capital could disappear over the next 6 months. But equally more distressing is the emotional impact this has on us, our family and the employees that look to us for leadership.

Although the situation looks dire now, things will get better and our livelihoods will return. Couples will get married, corporates will host events, families will have garden parties and our industry will rise again.

But, until this happens, as an industry we need to look after each other.

For this reason, Marquee Tech is bringing out a number of free to tools to help your business. 

We have also decided to relax our pricing plans and instead introduce “honesty pricing”, to help both new & existing customers facing economic hardship due to Coronavirus. Pay what you can afford to use Marquee Tech, this can be as little as zero. 


Honesty Pricing Summary

Honesty based pricing

Pay what you can afford, it can be as low as zero.

No contracts

No contracts, no signatures, no small print, no strings attached.

Eligible for everyone
Every business is going to be hit by this, which is why there is no eligibility criteria.
Available 03-08/2020

After August 2020 you can choose to leave MTech or pay our normal pricing rates. If you leave you can download all your bookings and data. Honesty pricing will continue past August if the crisis continues*.

*More info in our T&C’s (at the bottom of this page).

Why are we doing this?

A message from our founders on

Honesty Pricing & Coronavirus

Why are we doing this?

Why are we doing this?

We started Marquee Tech because we wanted to build niche software focused on modernising & improving the Event Tent Hire Industry. Because we are in the same industry as you, when you suffer, we suffer.

We are not looking to generate a profit this year. Like you, we have cut our overheads, temporarily closed our office doors and we do not have any loans we cannot afford to pay. We will survive the year, but we know many companies, and personally know many directors that are struggling.

Our software is designed to benefit your business, from; helping to manage your cash flow, increasing your sales conversion, manage stock and in general, helping you run more efficiently to reduce overheads & increase profits.

We understand that at this moment in time you probably don’t want another outgoing, which is why we have introduced honesty pricing. Pay what you can afford, it can be as low as zero £s.

So, what’s in it for us? Well, we just hope that in the future, when things pick up, you’ll remember us as the company that helped you during a difficult time. If you want to speak to us personally, call on 01626 245056, we speak to marquee companies every day and have a lot of information on the situation. 

Who is this for?

This program is for any company that is facing economic hardship due to the Coronavirus crisis. The financial impact it has had on our industry is staggering. Marquee Tech can help you cover those losses as quickly as possible. The software will help you improve the way you run your business, reduce your overheads and secure late 2020 and 2021 booking.

How does it work? Am I eligible?

The vast majority of companies are eligible for CSAP*. To begin, use the contact form at the bottom of this page or call us on 01626 245056. We can upload your price list directly onto Marquee Tech and you can begin using the system today.
*See restrictions in our T&C’s (at the bottom of this page).

Is this for new or existing customers?

CSAP covers both new and existing customers.

What products and services does this cover?

All features and functionalities, customer support and help desks are included. The growth package is not included.
Why is now a good time to join?

Well, the first reason is obvious, Marquee Tech will help you get through this crisis and you pay what you can afford. You also have another luxury at the moment, spare time. You have a great opportunity now to organise your stock, prices, components, bookings and business operations so you are ready to take on a busy 2021.

How can Marquee Tech help you business

In the next 3 months

MTechs powerful Cloud-Based software allows you to stay in control of your business even in this chaos. You can run your company from home, on any device. Use our time-saving features to quickly complete your daily tasks. Easily quote for the influx of 2021 enquiries using our fast quoting and CAD-automation system. Prepare for the next 12 months using our automated logistics and stock management calendar.

In the next 6-18 months

In 6 months time bookings will be up, but unfortunately you may have lost staff due to the impact of Coronavirus. Mitigate the loss in man power by using Marquee Tech to manage your weekly calendar, collect remaining balances, generate load lists, maintain stock levels and automate time consuming admin tasks.

As a new marquee company, I was crippled by Coronavirus. I’ve bought stock, only to have the majority of my bookings & revenue wiped out in a week. Like most companies, the first thing I did was reduce all of my outgoings, including cancelling my Marquee Tech subscription. Tim from Marquee Tech phoned me to say, “don’t worry, you can have it for free until you are back on your feet”, for that I am hugely grateful, thank you.

Gareth – Project Marquees

Software you’ll love

Features include

  • CAD system & floor plan tool
  • Stock management + reporting & alerts
  • Automated load lists (including components)
  • Images & videos on quotes
  • Online quotes
  • Create quotes on site visits
  • Follow up calendar
  • Admin automation
  • Logistics calendar
  • CRM system
  • Online invoicing
    + much more

Terms & Conditions

  1. Customers who have purchased a year or multi-year licenses are not eligible for this program, unless your renewal falls before August 2020, in which case you will be eligible to postpone your renewal.
  2. On August 1st 2020 pricing will revert back to normal pricing (see our pricing page for more details).
  3. If we go into lockdown again after August 2020 this programme will restart.
  4. Marquee Tech reserves the right to reject a company from joining.
  5. The growth package is not covered by this.


Coronavirus is going to have serious economic implications to our industry, an industry we are part of. During this crisis, our industry needs to help each other.

Marquee Tech will help your business through these tough times. When the industry goes back to normal Marquee Tech will help your business grow.

We believe when your business is back to normal, you will remember Marquee Tech as a company that helped you when times were tough and in return, you’ll consider becoming a long term customer of ours.

We won’t, because if we do, we’ll lose your trust and our customers.

We will give you extra users for free, so let us know if you would like another member of staff to have an account.

Rolling monthly or rolling yearly.

This depends on the system you are currently using. Most systems allow for a full data migration which means we can set up your account in minutes using our data uploader. Call us on 01626 245056 to discuss how to switch.
We can have your account up and running in under 1 hour.
Most companies are confident using the system within 1-2 hours.
Yes, Marquee Tech works on every device.
Your data is backed up and encrypted via AWS servers, arguably the worlds most secure web servers. AWS’s impressive client list includes: BBC, Netlix, Facebook, Linkedin, ESPN, Pinterest, Nokia, Dow Jones ….

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