An Advertising Strategy To Increase Your Revenue by Over £100,000

How we generated over a £million in sales

Before we launched Marquee Tech, we scaled a company called Marquee Bookings from zero revenue to generating over £1million for over 200 UK marquee companies.

Marquee Bookings is a website for customers to find, compare & book marquee hire.

Being a nationwide company, it would have been impossible to rely on SEO as we would need Page 1 Rankings from Land’s End to Jon o’ Groats.

So how did we generate traffic, leads and £1 million in sales?

We invested heavily in paid ads, mainly with Google Ads & Facebook but also via Wedding bloggers and local newspapers.

Wedding Bloggers

Rock n Roll Bride
You & Your Wedding
Bride Magazine
English wedding
Love our wedding

Regional Papers

Liverpool Echo
Cambridge News
Devon Live
Get Surrey
Kent Live
My London News

“ zero revenue to generating over £1million.”

We were most successful with Google Ads.

We spent over £50,000 on ads in 2019 and secured over a million pounds worth of bookings for the marquee companies we partnered with.

Not a bad return right?

Now, you might be thinking “I’ve tried google ads, it didn’t work, you guys must be experts” and I would agree, we are experts in digital marketing.

But believe me, we didn’t start as experts, in the early days our ads failed and we lost money.

We lost lots of money.

But after spending the thousands of hours, and pounds required to be successful at advertising we became experts at CPC ads.

So what are the 4 advertising strategies marquee companies commonly use, and, what issues do marquee companies commonly have with these strategies?

1 – Google Ads:

We love Google Ads because it generates instant results.

As soon as you turn on the engine that is ‘Google Ads’ we get instant traffic, leads and sales.

But be careful, just like a Ferrari, Google Ads will burn through fuel… aka your cash!.

Google Ads is complicated…

It’s complicated to use 
When you log in to Google Ads, it will make no sense! I remember seeing the dashboard for the first time, the number of buttons, text and options is overwhelming!

It’s complicated to learn 
Learning the basics takes weeks and it’s hard to find the time when you are busy running a business.

It’s complicated to manage 
The next problem is once you have learnt the system, you then need time to manage it.

You need to optimise your ads by increasing spend on the ads which are working and by turning off the ads which aren’t.

It’s complicated to read the data 
The major hurdle companies will face with Google Ads is correctly reading the analytics to improve their system.

This isn’t surprising, there is so much data to look at its hard to digest.

9 times out of 10 you’ll be looking at data that has no relevance to increasing your sales.

If you haven’t spent enough money, you won’t have enough data.

A lot of companies overlook the amount of money they need to spend before they have enough data to make it reliable.

Most Google Ads experts suggest you need to be spending £5000-£10,000 a month until you can use data to make logical changes to your ads to help increase your ROI.

“looking at data that has no relevance to increasing your sales.”

2 – Facebook Ads:

We found Facebook Ads to be easier to use, and you can spend small amounts of money and see results.

But a lot of the time the results don’t lead to sales.

The main reason for this is because it’s very hard to target your audience on Facebook.

It’s easier with google ads because when someone needs a marquee they google it.

Whereas if a bride or groom see your ads on Facebook, it’s unlikely they are in the mood to make a marquee hire enquiry (it’s more likely they are in the mood to watch funny videos)!

With Facebook Ads, marquee companies will often find that, yes, lots of people are viewing the ads, but the views rarely convert into enquiries.

3 – Lead Generation Sites

Lead generation sites can work great for certain companies.

However, typically the customers using lead generation sites are looking for cheap marquee hire.

These customers aren’t too bothered about companies personal service or passion for making an event the best it can be.

Because of this, companies find there are a lot of undercutting and lowest price wins type scenarios.

If you offer a bespoke service or unique marquee type, you might find with Lead Generation sites you will be advertising to the wrong audience.

4 – Print Advertising

We have not had the best experience with print advertising and we have been featured in some of the UK’s top wedding magazines.

We also find it frustrating that you can not track how successful the advertising is from print advertisers

A customer might see your advert in the local paper, go to your website and make an enquiry, but how do you know they saw you in the paper?

How do you know if this Ad made you money or cost you money?

How much do you spend on advertising? How much should you spend? Who creates ideas for the ads?

Most marquee companies in the UK spend around £200-£500 on paid advertising each month.

Usually, the director will come up with the Ad ideas and manage its performance.

This is the main issue with relying on the 4 advertising channels I mentioned, each one takes up so much of your time.

Unless you have lots of office staff, or you can outsource an expensive marketing agency you will likely find with advertising you can lose lots of time & money.

Companies spend around £200-£500 on paid advertising each month.


Why Marquee Techs Growth Package with Marquee Bookings should be your next advertising strategy.

Originally at Marquee Bookings, we worked as a booking agent for the marquee companies on the platform. In other words, we would speak with everyone who enquired, make quotes, floor plans & secure booking deposits on behalf of the marquee company.

Now, instead of our sales team dealing with each enquiry, it is sent directly to the marquee company. Before you think “hypocrite warning? You just said how lead generation doesn’t work” let me explain how Marquee Bookings is very different from other lead generation sites.

Lead generation is a great concept and can work brilliantly, but only if the right leads are being sent to the right company.

If for example you hire tipis, you will never-ever get a booking if the leads were for customers who have a small budget.

Or, if you own a small marquee company with limited stock & staff there is no point paying for a lead whos event is a massive corporate function for 500+ guests.

Lead generation only works if the correct lead is going to the correct company.

Otherwise, the company is wasting time & money sending quotes to leads who want something they do not offer.

With Marquee Bookings we send the correct lead to the correct company.

We do this by limiting the number of marquee companies: one company per marquee type, per area. E.g one frame company, one tipi company, one traditional pole company and so on, per area. (currently only available for UK users of Marquee Tech)

If for example, you are the Frame Marquee company in East Anglia every time Marquee Bookings gets an enquiry for a frame marquee in this area it will go to you & only you. 

How much does this cost:

£300 a month (on a rolling monthly basis).

Why use Marquee Bookings for advertising.

We spent thousands of hours & £50,000 learning and fine-tuning Google Ads, using the data & experience to create the best campaigns possible for marquee hire. is a purpose-built machine to turn traffic into enquiries. We constantly analyse our analytics and use the data to make improvements to the site to increase our traffic to enquiry conversion rate.

We invest the time & money so you don’t have to.

You could throw £300 into google and spend your weekend creating ads, only to waste your budget days later and get minimal results.

Instead, we invest your £300, spend the time needed to create ads for your company and use & our partner sites which are purpose-built to get you leads.

Growth costs are similar to what most companies spend on traditional advertising each month while being far cheaper than working with a marketing agency.

We know your customers because we are them, millennials, the generation who are getting married for the next decade or two. We know the ads they want to see & know how to build a website that gives them the answers they are looking for.

“We spent thousands of hours & £50,000 learning and fine-tuning Google Ads.”

How many additional bookings can you expect each month?

You will receive at least 18 new leads each month, if you convert 12.50%-17.50% (average conversion rate for marquee companies) of leads into sales you will get 3 additional bookings each month. The average booking from Marquee Bookings is worth £3,000.

From your £300 investment, you should bring in £9000 of additional revenue. Over the course of a year, this could be an additional revenue of £108,000.

an additional revenue of £108,000

Leads per company






Marquee company close rate






Sales per company






Average marquee price


















Why Marquee Bookings & Marquee Tech are the perfect couple for the modern couple.

Marquee Tech was born thanks to our experience at Marquee Bookings. Some months we were getting over 1000 enquiries and there were only 3 of us in the office. 

We had to build software which enabled us to quickly & easily create quotes, build floor plans and send invoices. Without it, we would have given a poor & slow service to our customer, we wouldn’t have secured any bookings and ultimately would have failed.

The Marquee Tech software gave us a new way of selling marquee hire. We call it ‘Selling in Real-Time’ and it’s the sole reason to why Marquee Bookings was successful.

Real-Time Selling essentially means you can sell to your customers over the phone or in person. 

Instead of having to make quotes or floor plans after you hang up or get back to the office. Marquee Tech is cloud-based, it works on any device so you can quickly make quotes, update quotes, create floor plans, check stock & invoice wherever you are.

Every single marquee company in the world should be selling in real time because this is what the modern customer wants & expects. 

What millennials expect

A millennial (your customers for the next couple of decades) who has been brought up with the internet doesn’t want to wait days to hear back from you, they want answers instantly.

They don’t want to be sent an ugly black and white pdf quote, they want their quote online with photos of your marquee & reviews of your company.

They don’t want to pay in cash or with BACS, they want to pay online with the click of a button.

A millennial expects technology & services which make their life easier.

The old-school way of selling marquee hire is dying, don’t let your company die with it.

Marquee Bookings only worked because we built Marquee Tech, it enabled us to be the first company to send quotes back, create floor plans and we wouldn’t forget about leads because we built software which automates follow-ups.

We would even beat massive marquee companies who have huge office teams. Even though they were getting fewer leads than us & had more staff members, we would still be quicker & would win bookings form them, all thanks to Marquee Tech.

Now it’s your opportunity to get leads from Marquee Bookings and have the tools from Marquee Tech to sell to the modern customer.

Sign up to the Growth package and earn over £9000 a month in additional bookings.

But be quick, we only have a limited number of spaces per area. Become the exclusive supplier before someone else takes your place.

Enquire now to check if your marquee types are still available in your area

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